"Very professional service. In depth assessment and analysis of your problem and detailed but simple solutions easy to carry through at home that bring some immediate results and a plan for moving forward. Lots of written information to back up recommendations. I couldn’t recommend enough. Thanks Jan".

Sharon Higginson

"Highly recommended 🌟 Janet was very professional and knowledgeable and friendly and put us at ease straightaway. She carried out a in-depth assessment of my daughters vocal problems from her musical theatre course and gave her a detailed care plan to support her and signposted us to relevant services in the future, many thanks and hope to work with you again soon 😊"

Charlotte Jenkins

“ Excellent!  Janet's explanations and recommendations were clear.  Significant time was spent assessing my issues and asking follow up questions to fully understand my situation.  It hasn't been long since our session but her recommendations have already gone a long way to helping me improve“.

Athena Kate

“I would highly recommend Janet’s services. I have had a chronic cough for over 10 years, and since my consultation with Janet, in a very short period of time my symptoms have significantly improved. Janet is very knowledgable, professional and supportive. An excellent service”

Lynne Batchelor