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My name is Janet Savva and I am a highly specialised Speech and Language Therapist working in the area of upper airway disorders.

I am a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with 15 years experience of working in the NHS with adults with acquired communication and swallowing problems.  I studied Human Communication (Speech and Language Therapy) at De Montfort University and qualified in 2006 achieving a Bachelor of Science First Class Honours Degree. 

During my NHS career I have worked in both the acute hospital and community settings with a range of patients with speech, language and swallowing problems. Over the course of my career I have specialised in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders.   I am currently a Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist for Ear Nose and Throat for an Adult Speech and Language Therapy service.   

I have always embraced the opportunity for continued professional development and have completed numerous post graduate qualifications.  In the field of voice these include certification in Estill Voice Training® and Voicecraft® as well as completing courses in Resonant Voice Therapy, Vocal Function Exercises, Flow Phonation and Phonation Resistance Training Exercises (PhoRTE) to name a few.  Furthermore, I am certified in the use of Myofascial Release manual therapy techniques (massage therapy) for neck, voice and swallowing problems.   In the field of swallowing I gained a post-graduate qualification in Dysphagia from the University of St Mark & St John, plus certification in the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP) and the Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP) as well as having worked extensively with individuals with acute and chronic swallowing problems in the in-patient, rehabilitation, out-patient and nursing home settings.  Additionally I have also developed and delivered dysphagia management training programmes for carers and nurses working in both hospital and care home environments.


As well as continuing with my NHS career, I have branched out to offer my highly specialised skills and experience in private practice.  I have a passion for making a positive difference to the lives of those affected by voice and swallowing disorders.  It is my desire to be able to offer a complete client-centred package of care to all that need my services.  

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